In September 2015, our company has participated in Medical Exhibition in Shenyang, Xi'an, and Zhengzhou. For the regional characteristics of each show, and customer allocation needs, our company sent professional business managers and technical engineer to the exhibition,. The company's leading products: lower CPM( continuous passive machine), upper CPM, saw system, plaster saws, ATS(Automatic tourniquet system),CTS(Compression Therapy system) showed on the exhibition


The effect of these three exhibitions is good, achieved the expected results, our business managers on the exhibition have done a detailed registration of all new customers. A lot of our customer purchased our products on the exhibition or place the order directly. And new clients show great interest in our products.


Our annual participation in various exhibitions enhance our reputation at home and abroad,our company's product quality, product performance improved rapidly, reaching the world-class level, service level increased year by year, to become the industry leader



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