2015.11.16~19,2015 MEDICA opened as schedueled.

    MEDICA, .annual session, displays a variety of products and services covered by the medical profession in the field .It is reported that this exhibition has more than 4900 exhibitors from over 70 countries around the world to participate, bringing 23,065 products. The number of exhibitors increased 2 % compared to 2014.

    Wearable devices with mobile health,medical education and training ,medical imaging , motion and physical therapy , interventional therapy and laboratory medicine are the trends of this exhibition.

    Our booth showcased Continuous Passive Motion, Automatic Tourniquet System,Compression Therapy System, compression therapy device , Medical Saw & Drill, attracted many visitors coming to visit.


    The success of the exhibition, not only show our strictly control of the product quality and the strength of the new product development to the industry , but also enhance the company's brand influence in the international.




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